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Sun Catchers Tanning Salon offer nothing but the BEST of tanning units in the world.  Our tanning equipments have the latest leading edge technologies from Germany & United States.  We Care about You, We care about your skin, and We care about your tan!!

Our basic package includes both 20 minutes & 10 minutes beds 

with 120w bulbs for quickest & darkest tanning results

Auto draft VIP membership starts at $19.95 per month

NO long term contract - cancel or freeze at anytime 


Sunless Tanning

UV Free Tanning

Get Your Tan In 60 Seconds!

We Use Authentic Premium VersaPro Sunless Solution

Flexible Spray Options Available



UV Tanning

Mega Bed 

High pressure 520w tanning lamps with shoulder tanners and neck tanner 

delivers unbeatable beautiful long lasting dark tan. 

Built in air conditioning with 2 ventilation systems gives you  maximum tanning comfort


Turbo Bed


Surround tan concept for focused UV power. Brisk comfort cooling system. 

This unit has Very High Output Turbo lamps with 3 - 500w facials & neck tanner. 

 Advanced UV geometry ensures consistent tanning performance for demanding tanning enthusiasts. 


Super Beds

   Click the 'Download' link below to download this image

40-Lamp Super Beds-maximum 15 minutes with facial, 20 minutes without facial.  High intensity 170 watt R-UVA reflector lamps, each one of the 40 lamps is supercharged by individual ballast to deliver the ultimate tanning result. More UVA ray for a quicker warm brown tan. Extra width can accommodate body builders. For advanced serious tanners. It's a favorite among thousands of tanners worldwide who expect the most out of every tanning session.


15 Minutes Premier Series


 with 160w reflector super lamps & 400w High Pressure facials


Standup Booth 

        Each of our standup booth has 200 - watt reflector lamps. 

It helps you even out your hard to tan areas & speed up the tanning process. 



20-minute Beds

Ambition Beds  Genesis high-Resolution/High-Performance tanning units. The first tanning equipment in the world to harness the radiant tanning energy of the Genesis System. These beds utilize supercharged 120 watt Super Genesis lamps that are driven by 1200 milliamp ballast to produce the best tanning results possible. These lamps create tanning output and performance that are unmatched by any other bed.


Platinum Beds

43-Lamp Genesis Platinum Beds-these beds are designed with the busy customer in mind. The 10 minute bed does a full 20 minute session in only 10 minutes. They will give you the same rich, golden, brown tan as our regular beds in half the time. This makes it very easy for people that are on the go. Genesis Platinum features 32 of the 120 watt 10X Super lamps plus 11 HRF (High Resolution Facial) facial lamps.


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